15 athletes, 9 stadiums, 1 mission.

15 athletes, 9 stadiums, 1 mission: to promote women in ultimate. All-Star Ultimate Tour 2015 was just one piece of the community effort to move the needle on gender equity in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The All-Star Ultimate Tour Film follows the journey of those 15 college-aged players on their transcontinental tour to showcase elite female players. What changed from Seattle to D.C.? What kind of dialogue surrounds female athletes in media today? Was the tour successful in its mission to promote women in ultimate?

Tune into the premiere on June 13th at 6pm PTD to be part of the conversation. If you missed the live-stream, stay tuned for the release of the documentary! Coming soon! 


Alex Axworthy, Filmmaker:


Alex Axworthy is an aspiring filmmaker, backpacking junkie and long-time card in the Seattle ultimate community. Passionate about pursuing film from a young age, Alex hit a snag after not being accepted to the University of British Columbia’s film program. So he did what any passionate dreamer would do: dropped out of UBC in search of another route to filmmaking. He found the avenue he was looking for through ultimate, while studying psychology at the University of Washington.

Years later, Alex has accumulated a long list of filming credentials in the ultimate community with companies such as UltiVillage, Sky’d Magazine, RiseUP, NexGen tour, the Seattle Rainmakers, and most recently the Seattle Cascades.

Alex is excited to debut his first feature film to the community that gave him his start in the biz.

Contact Alex : alexaxworthy@gmail.com


Qxhna Titcomb, All-Star Ultimate Tour's Producer and Star:

Qxhna Titcomb is the youngest of five ultimate-playing siblings who co-founded the notoriously quirky Ultimate Frisbee apparel company, Five Ultimate. Q caught the ultimate bug at a young age, going on to be a repeat USA National Team athlete and Tufts University EWO alum. She now plays for 2014 World Champions, Seattle Riot, with her sister, Rohre Titcomb.  

An advocate for gender equity in ultimate, Qxhna found herself tested by her sibling’s decision to run a men’s professional ultimate team, the Seattle Cascades. With support from her family and many characters in the community, Qxhna decided to create the All-Star Ultimate Tour as an avenue to promote women in the sport.

Qxhna hopes this film can be a tool to further the conversation about equity within the ultimate community, and that the empowerment it facilitates reverberates beyond the ultimate community to play a part in the global movement for gender equality.