How to host a (flat)baller screening party:

Before the Screening Date:

  1. Mark your calendar for June 13th 6pm PDT, run around the block in excitement, fist bump a stranger.

  2. Download the Party Pack - discussion questions, All-Star decor to jazz up your living room, Printable photo booth props to ham it up between scenes (just add popsicle or kebab sticks!), & tips on how to share your party on social media!

  3. Call your friends, share the event on social media, and get organized for your screening! The Party Pack includes graphics, Twitter and Facebook posts to help you promote your party.

  4. Watch as RSVP yesses stream into your inbox, mailbox, or chimney if Uncle Vernon has boarded up the mail slot.


Day of the Documentary Premiere:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast (always important).
  2. Print out and tape up some ASUT decorations (from your Party Pack) to get in the festive mood.

  3. Grab some snacks, either your favorites or the All-Star’s go-to’s (I hear Dori likes apples with peanut butter and Hayley is always eyeing the chalupa).

  4. Welcome your guests and enjoy the film together!

    1. Snap some photos to share on social media using these hashtags: #ASUTdoc #WomenInUltimate #WeAreAllStars

    2. If you want to get even more out of the film, have an informal discussion afterward using the questions included in your Party Pack. Tweet any questions or insights you have @allstarulti.