All-Star Ultimate Tour 2016

In 2015, the All-Star Ultimate Tour traveled from Seattle to Boston, stopping in nine major cities across the country and playing in showcase games against the country's premier women's club teams. In addition to the strong viewership online and in person, we had over a half a million interactions with the community surrounding the Tour.  

The All-Star Ultimate Tour shone the spotlight on some of the premiere college-aged female athletes, Alika Johnston, Hannah Leathers, Lisa Pitcaithley, Qxhna Titcomb, Jesse Shofner, as well as the host team's outstanding players, Lauren Sadler, Catherine Hui, Kelly Hansen, Octavia Payne, etc. to create strong female role models for the next generation of ultimate players. 

Photo: UltiPhotos Pete Guion

With the number of hours of footage covering men's ultimate increasing and so many venues for men to compete in, the tour was one way for our community to support female athletes and women in ultimate. 

Gender inequality is a reality. This project is a step in the right direction for our sport, and we hope that the empowerment it facilitates reverberates beyond the ultimate community and plays a part in the global movement for gender equity. 

The All-Star Ultimate Tour is excited to capture the attention of the ultimate world once again in 2016. We are in a prime position to capitalize on the momentum from many of the exciting things happening for women in ultimate leading up to this moment. For 2016, we are working hard to increase our impact and to lead the way in shaping the future of sports.


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