Day 1: So it begins.

For the last couple of days, All-Stars have been trickling into Seattle, meeting each other for the first (or fiftieth) time and collectively becoming too excited for the tour to do anything but talk (and giggle) about the next three weeks. 

The weekend activities have included eating, sleeping, shopping for van decorations, and last but not least: our first (and only) practice as a team!!

If I had to describe the practice in one word, it would be wet.

However, the rain didn’t stop us from learning a crash course in the team offense and defense we will be running. Rohre Titcomb, who led our practice with Mike Lawler, had a valid point when she warned us the short practice might leave us feeling dissatisfied…

There were miscues, miscommunications, and silly weather related mishaps.

However, I don’t feel dissatisfied. Not in the slightest.

I feel so unbelievably excited and lucky to be a part of this project. Getting to play with the athletes I’ve matched against all through college is such a rare experience, and I cannot wait to do it every day on this tour. Although our first practice didn’t go perfectly, I’m not worried. The chemistry will come. The team will come together, and grow together.

So far, I’ve spent less than 24 hours with these girls, and I already love them all.

And so it begins:

Riot tomorrow, Traffic Tuesday, and Schwa Wednesday!