Dear Serena: A Letter from Champions to a Champion

Photo credit:  Jimmy Baikovicius

Photo credit: Jimmy Baikovicius

Dear Serena,

Thank you for being you. Thank you for how you speak out, how you radiate confidence, how you fight – for how you win. You embody the strength of will and character that we, the women in ultimate, strive to be.

We too, are champions, athletes, advocates, change-makers in our own sport. Ultimate individuals, teams and organizations are taking big steps in promoting discussion and actions around gender equity.  The All-Star Ultimate Tour (a cross country tour of games between the best athletes in our sport, with the mission to promote women in ultimate) produced a feature length documentary that is making waves in ultimate.  Its message is universal though. The All-Star Ultimate Tour Documentary examines the difference in how gender affects the way we value athletes. If you have some time, check out this film. It is one of many efforts in our community to open up the conversation and fight for equity in our sport.

We admire how you rise to every occasion, how you train, how you dominate, how you are unapologetically the best. Ultimate players look up to you as an example of one of the best who stands for what should be a given, equality.

We hope you enjoy the film (linked here)!


Women in Ultimate