You All Better Believe It

I learned a new cheer on Tour, it goes, “I’m a star, you’re a star, you’re a star, we’re all stars!” The more I cheered this cheer, the more I looked up at the people I was cheering for, the more I saw what the All Star Ultimate Tour embodied.

Jenny Wei - Tino Tran Photography

Jenny Wei - Tino Tran Photography

I’m a star. A general trend for women in athletics is to be humble at all times. Even the players on this Tour, myself included, often feel awkward referring to ourselves as “stars.” But the funny thing is, we all consider each other “stars.” Every day I am star struck at the chance to be in a van and on the field with national and world champions, Callahan nominees, and leaders of women in ultimate in their respective communities. But while I’m busy being a total fan-girl, I am encouraged by my teammates that I’m also here, and that they are also excited to play with me. So, I want to be unapologetically confident and be proud that I am a star.

You’re a star. When we do this cheer, we point to our amazing fans and supporters in the crowd. We proudly tell them that they are stars. The crowd that comes to support their local team and the players on the Tour reminds me of those who have personally supported me for so many years. Those who have invested their time and effort into my growth as a person and a player. The people who made this tour possible. These people are my stars. I can’t even express the amount of support I have felt so far by my stars; it feels like all of North Carolina, and everyone I have ever met on the ultimate field is happy for me and wants the best for me and this Tour. Every day, my teammates and friends in NC are working relentlessly to spread our mission by hosting watch parties - open to the public, supporting the Tour financially, being unbelievably active on every social media platform, and sending me all kinds of encouragement. My stars push me forward and inspire me every day. You are stars!

We’re all stars. This Tour means so many different things to me, and half the time, I still can’t even believe that I’m a part of it. I am so grateful to be 1/17 th of this awesome movement, and I want to empower others while on Tour. We are all stars, and you all better believe it!